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​St. Scholastica (February 10)

St. Scholastica is the sister of St. Benedict, and was born in 480. She followed Benedict when he moved to Monte Cassino and established his own monastery. Scholastica settled nearby and founded a community of women, also believed to be under the direction of Benedict. Scholastica is considered to be the first Benedictine nun. The only knowledge we have of her is from an incident that St. Gregory the Great describes. She met with her brother once a year, and as she was not allowed in the monastery, Benedict would come to meet her in a home with several of his followers. At their last meeting, sensing that her death was near, Scholastica was anxious to continue their conversation throughout the night and asked Benedict to remain with her to praise God. When Benedict sought to go, Scholastica began to pray, and such a violent storm arose that he could not go out the door. "I asked you a favor and you refused," she said. "I asked it of God and He granted it." Benedict remained and left the next morning. Three days later, Scholasdica died and Benedict saw her soul ascending to God like a dove.