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St. Augustine (August 28) 

St. Augustine was one of the great Christian teachers of all time, St. Augustine was born at Tagaste, North Africa, on November 13, 354. His father, Patricius, was a pagan and his mother was St. Monica. Patricius was converted to Christianity in 370 and died one year later. Augustine went to Carthage in 370 to study rhetoric and philosophy. While there, he meat a woman with whom he would have a relationship until 385. She bore him a son, Adeodatus. Augustine was deeply attracted to Manichaeism, but became disillusioned after meeting Faustus, the leading Maanichaean teacher of that time. He left for Rome in 383 and opened a school of rhetoric. Disturbed with his surroundings, he went to Milan in 384 and accepted a post as master of rhetoric. Augustine thirsted for wisdom. He found what he was seeking as he listened to the preaching of St. Ambrose in Milan. Augustine describes his spiritual journey in his Confessions, which recall his great struggle with evil and sin and his final experience of God's guiding grce. "Late have I loved You, O Beauty ever ancient, O Beauty ever new!" Augustine's later life echoes with grateful praise for the God he discovered to be so good. 

Monica followed him to Milan in 386 and was present at his baptism by St. Ambrose on Easter in 387. After his baptism, Augustine deepened his own understanding of Christianity in the company of some friends.  In 387 Augustine returned to Rome, and in 388 he returned to Tagaste where he remained for three years. He was ordained in 391 as an assistant to Bishop Valerius of Hippoe. He established a monastery in Hippo and staunchly defended the faith against Manichaeism and Donatism. He was consecrated bishop as coadjutor to Valerius in 395 and succeeded him in 396.

Besides Confessions, Augustine also wrote City of God. He died at Hippo on August 28, 430 and is considered a Doctor of the Church.