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Saints Simon and Jude (October 28)

Saints Simon and Jude were first century apostles. Little is known of them except that they were chosen by Jesus as apostles and appear well down on the list of the twelve. They do not figure prominently in the Gospel stories, as do some of the other twelve. After Jesus' Ascension there is no reliable account of what happened to them. Some stories tell of their founding the Church in Syria and Egypt - but these are groundless.

Unlike Sts. Peter and Paul, whose words and deeds are widely reported in Scripture and whose achievements dramatically affected the society of their day, Simon and Jude appear to have done little in their lives that was notable. Yet - the Church celbrates them among her founders, seeing their preaching revealing God to us and their prayers aiding the Church's growth.

The apostles were not all of one mold. Some, like Peter and Paul, were active public figures immersed in the controversy and changing movements of their time. Others, perhaps like Simon and Jude, may have taken a quieter path. Yet their voices , too, have been heard through all the Earth.

Not only brilliant, active, and achieving apostles communicate the faith. Some, also apostles, may pass on this treasure in simpler, unnoticed ways; ordinary sowers, they cast the seed of faith undramatically on a world waiting for harvest. For you and me, celebrating the lives of such people as Simon and Jude can be very encouraging - it reminds us that the ordinary everyday things that we say and do for one another, those random acts of kindness, are seen by God and - as we are reminded by the Gospels - When He was thirsty and we gave Him drink, When He was hungry and we gave Him food, When He was alone and we visited Him, When He was down and out and we took the time to listen or encourage will help us to hear the welcoming voice on that final day when Jesus says: "Come you who are blessed by My Father. Inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world." (Matthew 25: 31 - 46)