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Veteran's Day (November 11) 

Veteran's Day honors the millions of men and women who served in the armed forces and gave their lives to defend our country and its freedom. Once called Armistice Day, Nov 11th marks the anniversary of the signing of a treaty between the Allied and Central Powers in 1918 to end World War I. The Armistice prompted a day of spontaneous parades, business closings and general rejoicing around the globe. In 1938, Congress proclaimed that "each Nov. 11th shall be dedicated to the cause of world peace and . . . hereafter known as Armistice Day." As World War I became a distant memory, public interest in observing the holiday waned. Veteran's groups pushed to have the observance honor all veterans. Thus the day became Veteran's Day in 1954, designated as a day to pay tribute to all military personnel who served in American wars. Nov 11th is celebrated in other countries as Remembrance Day, Armistice Day, Victory Day or World War I Memorial Day.

Our Thanks to all our men and women who served and who continue to serve us - protecting our nation's freedom.  God Bless You!