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​Our Sister Parish

Valle Dorado, Mexico

In 2001, the St. Regis pastoral council and our parishioners developed a stewardship objective to share our resources with a needy parish. We partnered with Valle Dorado in Mexico which is headed by the Marianists Fathers. Several projects have been conducted for the purpose of raising funds for this poor parish.

Many of the Marianist ministries in Mexico began in 1980. Marianists serve in four cities: Coatzacoalcos, Puebla, Querétaro and La Chinantla. Their goal is to offer pastoral care, religious instruction, and educational programs that help impoverished families and communities become self-supporting. 

The Marianists serve in three parishes, two schools, and three ministries for poor rural families in Mexico. The Marianists also provide formation training for young men interested in joining the Society of Mary: The Marianist novitiate is located in Querétaro; the scholasticate is in Puebla; and aspirancy houses are located in Querétaro and Coatzacoalcos (from the Marianists Web site).

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