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​What is the New Evangelization?
Evangelizing means brining the Good News of Jesus into every human situation and seeking to convert individuals and society by the divine power of the Gospel itself.

Today, the Church calls us to a "New Evangelization" with a renewed emphasis on a personal encounter with the person of Jesus, which brings peace and joy.

The "newness" of Evangelization is a call to Catholics to reignite their enthusiasm and practice of the faith.  We want every Catholic to return to the fullness of the sacramental life. If you are interested in finding out how you can share your faith with others to bring all into a fullness of new life, join us!

The Evangelization Committee meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm.

We are committed to the Church's mission to embrace and engage the New Evangelization as we work to build the St. Regis community. By using our time, talent, and treasure, we are sharing the Good News of Christ!

Some of our ministries include:
  • "Living Prayer Book"
  • Live Testimony
  • Prayer & Study Programs

For more information and to get involved, contact Lisa Lotito at 412-372-0102 or by email at

The Evangelization Committee's

The Damascus Way

In Person Discussion Session:
Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022

Perfect for readers who enjoy a biblical epic!
Read this fascinating story about the early followers of "The Way"
The earliest disciples and evangelists of Jesus Christ!

Julia has everything money can buy... except for acceptance by either the Gentiles or the Jews. Her Greek father already has a wife and family, leaving Julia and her Hebrew mother second-class citizens. But when they are introduced to followers of the Way, they become part of that community of believers. Abigail's brother, Jacob, now a young man, is attempting to discover his own place as a Christian.

WHAT: Winter Book Club: The Damascus Way by Davis Bunn, Janette Oke

WHEN: Wednesday, February 23rd at 6:30pm (one session only)
Books are read at leisure. Topics for discussion provided at our session.

WHERE: Gillen Hall - Refreshments will be served

COST: FREE to anyone wanting to attend

HOW: Advanced registration is required by Thursday, January 20th

  • Send your NAME, EMAIL and PHONE NUMBER to Lisa Lotito at OR
  • Call the Office at 412-372-4577 x 204 or 206. LEAVE NAME & PHONE #