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St. Regis Parish is blessed to have many talented cantors. If you are interested in becoming a Cantor, please contact Florence​ in the office of Liturgy and Music. 





Voice & Chime Ensemble

​For 3rd grade and older (must have a third grade reading ability)

Practices: Wednesdays from 4pm to 5pm in the Church during the school year.

(Call Florence at 412-372-4577 x 209, leave a message if you cannot make a  practice) 




​For adults.

We practice every Wednesday from 6:30pm-7:30pm from September to May.  We play for many different liturgical celebrations during the year. 



The most common instruments used at a Mass or other Liturgies are: flute, trumpet, guitar, violin, oboe, and sometimes rhythm, such as a maraca, sticks, small drum, finger cymbals, etc.  The music is given to the instrumentalist for any piece and when the piece is mastered by the instrumentalist, a practice is done in the church. Most of the music is easy and usually are simple descants and melodies. Please call Florence​ in the Liturgy office, if you want to try some of the pieces on your instrument. Florence will give you the music, then go over it with you, and finally, will schedule a rehearsal with you in the church when you have the piece prepared.


Organ Specifications

3 Manual/ 50 Stop Allen Renaissance Organ (installed in 2004)

Additions: Allen Vista Navigator MIDI (installed in 2016)

Pedal Organ:

32' Contre Bourdon

32' Contre Pasaune

16' Diapason

16' Bourdon

16' Contra Viole (positiv expression)​

16' Basson (swell expressions)

8' Trompette

8' Octave

8' Gedackt

4' Choralbass

Mixture III

16' Posaune

4' Clarion


Swell Organ:

8' Salicional

8' Voix Celeste

8' Bourdon

16' Bourdon doux

4' Flute

4' Prestant

2' Octavian

2~⅔' Nasard

1~⅗' Tierce

Fourniture IV

16' Basson

8' Trompette

8' Hautbois



Swell Unison Off

Swell Solo Organ Voices:

8' Orchestral Flute

8' Clarinet

8' English Horn

Great Organ:

16' Bourdon doux

8' Diapason

8' Flute Harmonique

8' Salicional

8' Voix Celeste

4' Octave

4' Spitzflote

2' Fifteenth

Mixture IV

8' Trompette



Bass Coupler

Melody Coupler Po>Gt

Gt- Po Manual Transfer

Great Baroque Voices:

8' Prinzipal

8' Gedackt

4' Octav


Positiv Organ:

16' Contra Viole

8' Holzgedackt

8' Voix Celeste II

4' Prinzipal

4' Koppelflote

2' Octav

1-⅓' Quintflote

Mixture III

8' Krummhorn

8' Festival Trumpet




8' Great to Pedal

8' Swell to Pedal

8' Positiv to Pedal

8' Swell to Great

8' Positiv to Great

8' Swell to Positiv