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Ss. Joachim and Ann (July 26)

Ancient Christian tradition records the names of Sts. Joachim and Ann as the parents of Mary, the mother of Jesus. They were both members of the tribe of Judah of the house of David. According to tradition, Joachim and Ann came to Jerusalem from Galilee. Over the centuries, they have been honored, especially in the East, at great churches and shrines built in memory of them. Historically and biblically, not much is known of Joachim and Ann, except that they are the parents of Mary and the Grandparents of Jesus. By their fruits we know how people lived, Jesus taught. The Church recognizes the Grandparents of Jesus as models of family virtue and faith, which they transmitted to their offspring.

O good St. Ann, Mother of Mary, grandmother of Jesus,
intercede before God for our families and their children.
May one generation hand on to another faith in God's promise
and trust that He will do great things for those who reverence His name. AMEN.